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The Best Cruise Ship Excursions in St. Thomas

Don’t Book a Cruise Ship Excursion Before Reading This! If you plan on booking a shore excursion for your visit to St. Thomas, you have the option of either booking an excursion through the cruise line or through an online booking engine. The cruise ships have an extensive collection of tours you can book directly with them.  This is a convenient way to plan your shore time in St. Thomas.  There are also several booking engines that offer excellent tours.  Triptelligent and Viator are a couple of the better ones.  Some of the best cruise ship excursions on St. Thomas are listed below.   St. Thomas Adventure Excursions St. Thomas isn’t generally known as an adventure destination but with the addition of a few new excursions, you can at least get a taste of a Caribbean adventure. Kayak Adventure Excursions-one of the newest and most heralded excursions  in St. Thomas is also the most adventurous tour available.  The tour takes you to the less developed west end of St. Thomas to kayak, snorkel and hike.  This 3-4 tour also leads to the ruins of an old sugar mill.  This is not an excursion the tour books know about.   Zipline-heading into their 3rd year in St. Thomas, Tree Limin Extreme is one of the most popular tours available.  An epic 2+ hour experience zipping through the tropical canopy high above...

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10 Things to Do in St. Thomas with Kids

10 Things to Do in St. Thomas with Kids St. Thomas is a family friendly island.  There are countless things to do in St. Thomas if you have kids traveling with you. The most obvious activities for families with children are beach activities.  No mystery there.  Sand and waves are usually enough to occupy kids of all ages for hours. Still aren’t sure where to stay in St. Thomas?  Here are the best hotels for families on St. Thomas. When you are ready to venture away from the beach, below are the most recommended activities for families.   1.  Coral World Age: Any A fun little marine park next to Coki Beach, Coral World is a great way to spend a half day with the kids.  There are several “petting zoos” where kids can touch stingrays, lobster, starfish and more.  There are large aquariums and a shark tank.  Sea turtles, sea lions and an underwater observatory await. Coral World offers the opportunity to swim with the sharks, turtles and sea lions for an additional fee.   2. Tram to Paradise Point Age: Any Located across from Havensight, the Tram to Paradise Point is a pleasant ride up one of the higher ‘mountains’ on St. Thomas in a ski lift.   At the top of the mountain there are shops, a bar/restaurant and some of the best views on the...

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Kayak Fishing in St. Thomas

Kayak fishing is an exciting new option in St. Thomas.  Until recently there was exactly one option for fishing in St. Thomas: a charter boat.  The vast majority of charter boats take anglers to the North or South Drop to fish for marlin, mahi-mahi, sailfish and wahoo. Fish for Sea Monsters Kayak fishing in St. Thomas targets entirely different fish close to shore: tarpon, kingfish, snapper and barracuda.  St. Thomas Adventure Excursions now offers a kayak fishing tour in St. Thomas that sets it apart from any other fishing experience on the island. Because of the kayak’s size and maneuverability it is able to reach locations that shore fisherman and boats can’t reach.  The real excitement in kayak fishing comes from being in such close proximity with the water.  Fighting a 10 lb fish becomes a whole different experience when sitting in open water on a 10 foot kayak. Your fishing guide is equipped with a fish finder and a familiarity with all of the hot spots for landing big fish.  The kayaks are outfitted for big and small game fishing.  A small rod is often used for catching bait fish and a 2nd rod is used for targeting the sea monsters.  While paddling there are also 2 rods equipped for trolling. Perfect Tour for 1-4 People Kayak fishing tours are available throughout the day, but night fishing is probably...

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A Guide to St. Thomas Nightlife

With St. John fairly laid back and St. Croix less visited, when it comes to nightlife neither island can compare to the nightlife found on St. Thomas. Here you’ll find many of the popular resorts offer nightclubs and beach bars as well as a number of local hot spots scattered throughout the island. Getting Around St. Thomas at Night It’s easy to get around, visiting any of these great destinations either by car or by taxi. As you might imagine, life on the island is very relaxed and that applies to driving as well. There are no open container laws, which means drinking and driving is legal; however, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to drive drunk or impaired. Here you’ll find many steep, narrow roads that can be difficult to navigate sober; driving buzzed and driving just a little too fast around the hairpin turns could easily mean losing control of the vehicle. Taxis here are abundant and reliable, taking you wherever you want to go – perfect for partying your heart out even until the wee hours of the morning (some bars stay open until the sun comes up). All you need to do is decide which destinations are ideal for you – this guide to St. Thomas’ nightlife organized by location and resort, can help you make the best decision in order to make the most...

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Don’t Travel to St. Thomas Before Reading This!

St. Thomas Basics St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands has been revitalized in recent years. It is not only the ultimate tropical vacation location; it can be as affordable as a similar vacation to Florida. The warm water is a brilliant turquoise hue, ideal for snorkeling and viewing an abundance of marine life. Although the island is just 31 square miles, you’ll find a variety of attractions and even two cities with hot spots for exciting nightlife options as well. And, unlike Florida, temperatures here are typically in the 80s during the day and the 70s at night all year round. If you’re planning a getaway to St. Thomas, consider these important things to “know before you go” to ensure the best possible experience on the island. Travel documents St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States, which means that US citizens can travel there without a passport just as they would when traveling between states in the mainland. Carrying a passport can still be a good idea as hopping between islands from St. Thomas is fairly easy, and a passport is required for travel to the British Virgin Islands such as Tortola or Virgin Gorda. What to pack You’ll find everyone dressed fairly casually in the Virgin Islands. This is a destination meant for relaxation – there is no...

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Top Ten Things to Do

1. Get Married
2. See the animals
3. Touch the animals
4. Snorkeling
5. Island hopping
6. Learn to - scuba, paddleboard, dive