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Why don’t people visit St. Croix?

Most vacationers to St. Thomas and St. John never consider a day trip to St. Croix. In my experience people either stay on one island or make a trip over to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). But what most don’t realize is that a day trip to St. Croix can be simple and as affordable as a trip to the BVI. So, with much fanfare, here is the ultimate: Day Trip to St. Croix There is no ferry service between the islands, but it’s just a short flight by seaplane. You can easily fly out to St. Croix in the morning and be back on St. Thomas in time for dinner. St. Croix is 30+ miles from St. Thomas and a sea flight is the quickest and simplest way to get there with daily flights available between the islands. The trip takes about 20 minutes, offering spectacular views along the way. And some flights offer take offs and landings on the water for an especially exhilarating experience. You might be surprised to find that the trek from St. Thomas to St. Croix is even easier than trips across town in most major cities. While you might imagine this to be a pricey venture, the cost to fly is actually rather budget-friendly! In fact, flying between the islands has never been cheaper! Getting there The Sea Flight is normally $160...

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Making Villa Rentals in St. Thomas Easy

Villas abound on St. Thomas and they come with every amenity, in every size and in every price range. Whether you want beach front or total seclusion, you will find exactly what you are looking for. This guide gives the basics you will need to begin your search for the perfect villa. There are several considerations when looking for a villa including location, amenities, price and size. But don’t worry, this should be a fun and exciting process. I have broken the island into 4 sections: 1. The East End, 2. Northside, 3. Southside, 4. West End. Understand that this division is to some extent an oversimplification of all the diverse landscapes and location of the island. But hopefully this will give you a pretty good idea what part of the island will suit your interests.* East End The east end of the island comprises several towns, the most notable being Red Hook. Others include Nazareth and Cabrita Point. The east end is also home to some of the most popular timeshare and condominium resorts. There are numerous beaches and tons of restaurants, bars and nightlife. Basically, the east end has everything you could want in terms of amenities. If you are staying at a timeshare or condominium resort or near Red Hook you could probably do without a car. There are plenty of taxis and once you get...

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Beach Bumming, an Island Past Time

Beach Bars on St. Thomas If you love beach bars and plan on visiting St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands sometime soon, you’re in luck because you’ll have a wide range to choose from. Many of the popular resorts include beach bars on their property while there are quite of few others scattered throughout the island. While you’re here you should visit at least one beach bar. They are the epitome of the relaxed, mellow Caribbean vibe found here with lots of sand, sun, rum, reggae and, of course, tons of fun. Here is a look at some of the best to put on your to-do list while on the island. Iggie’s at Bolongo Bay Iggie’s is known as one of the best Caribbean beach bars on the island. Located next door to Bolongo Bay Resort, this is a hot spot during the day and night. It’s convenient to the hotels in Charlotte Amalie and offers dining featuring an excellent Caribbean buffet during Wednesday’s Carnival night. Carnival Night features a variety of entertaining performers every week including fire walkers, live calypso bands, Mocko Jumbie dancers, stilt walkers, limbo exhibitionists and more. Iggie’s is renowned for hosting live music every night of the year that range from great local acts to surprise guests like Stevie Wonder. Even if you have the kids with you, they can enjoy playing ball...

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St. Thomas Bike Rental

Enjoy a leisurely ride through downtown Charlotte Amalie and Frenchtown in St. Thomas on a vintage beach cruiser bike. What a fun new way to explore the downtown waterfront area. The St. Thomas Bike Rental Company offers the bikes for day rentals for $20 for kid’s bikes and $25 for adults. They provide a map for downtown Charlotte Amalie and Frenchtown. There are also several spots marked on the map in town where you can park the bikes if you want to do some shopping or grab a bite to eat. I took the bike to the edge of Frenchtown and got some great photos of Hassel and Water Islands. I locked the bike up at Big Kahuna and had lunch before pedaling over to Fort Christian. If you are on a cruise ship the bike pickup is right near the pier at the entrance of Yacht Haven Grande. If you are staying on St. Thomas, you can park at Yacht Haven or Havensight and walk over to the Yacht Haven Grande entrance. Check it out! Share...

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The Perfect St. Thomas Beach Excursion

  My idea of a perfect beach day, aside from perfect weather, sand and water, is a day of relaxing and a few leisurely activities chased with a dose of good drink and a packed picnic spread. But planning the perfect day is easier said than done when you are vacationing. 1. You need to pack or put on all the beach essentials first: sunscreen, bug spray, towel, sunglasses, bathing suit, flip flops, lounge chair 2. If you are planning on being at the beach for more than an hour or two you need to bring: water, soda, alcohol, snacks, sandwiches, cooler, ice 3. Arrange for transportation or get directions to the beach 4. Buy or rent gear for water and beach activities: floating mats, rafts, snorkel gear, kayak or paddleboard, beach toys Going to the beach is supposed to be relaxing and yet planning a beach day can be stressful and overwhelming. Why not have the perfect beach day excursion and not have to do anything but show up? If you book St. Thomas Adventure Excursions’ All-inclusive Beach Tour, you have everything you need for the ideal day at the beach. You will be treated to a lesser-traveled beach on St. Thomas away from many of the crowds. When you arrive you will have everything provided for your beach day. Included in the tour: 1. Lounge chairs  ...

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Top Ten Things to Do

1. Get Married
2. See the animals
3. Touch the animals
4. Snorkeling
5. Island hopping
6. Learn to - scuba, paddleboard, dive