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Which Island is Best: St. Thomas or St. John?

While the debate doesn’t quite rise to the level of a Yankees/Redsox rivalry, people that travel often to or live in the Virgin Islands typically have strong feelings one way or another about St. Thomas and St. John. I hear it time and time again from people staying on one or the other islands, “Why would I need to go over to St. John, St. Thomas has everything” or “The only time I spend on St. Thomas is to get picked up and dropped off at the airport”. People have strong preferences between the two, and yet it really shouldn’t be a “one or the other” proposition. Fact is, if you are staying on either island, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sneak over to the other one. The way I see it, if you traveled all the way down to the Virgin Islands, why not get:2 Islands for the price of 1. In a nutshell:     St. Thomas offers world-class, duty-free shopping as well as some incredible tours and attractions.       On St. John you’ll find hiking trails and quiet, secluded beaches.         St. Thomas has exciting nightlife opportunities while St. John has an abundance of pristine nature, ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Each island has wonderfully unique offerings and experiences. But why not get the...

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Why should Jimmy Buffett have all the Fun?

Go Island Hopping! Just by listening to most Jimmy Buffett songs, you’re automatically transported to a life of easy living, sipping frozen rum drinks on a white sand beach overlooking the dazzling turquoise Caribbean waters. Aside from the rum and hammocks, his life and songs conjure up images of those tiny airplanes that hop from island to island, flown by crusty old pilots. Imagine having breakfast on one island then hopping on a puddle jumper to the next island for shopping or lounging on a secluded picturesque beach. The fact is, each Caribbean island is unique and has its own special character and beauty. Why spend all of your time on one rock? Why not visit a few islands while you’re here? St. Thomas is arguably the single best location from which to launch your island hopping adventure – and the quickest and coolest way to hop over to some other incredible islands is to take a Jimmy Buffett-style plane ride! Fly to St. Croix on Sea Flight There are a variety planes that can take you from St. Thomas to any number of islands. Sea Flight Airlines is a seaplane that offers almost hourly flights to St. Croix at a cost of about $160 round trip (click here for a half-priced ticket!).     Explore the Caribbean on Air Sunshine If you really want to expand your...

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St. Thomas Bike Rental

Enjoy a leisurely ride through downtown Charlotte Amalie and Frenchtown in St. Thomas on a vintage beach cruiser bike. What a fun new way to explore the downtown waterfront area. The St. Thomas Bike Rental Company offers the bikes for day rentals for $20 for kid’s bikes and $25 for adults.  They provide a map for downtown Charlotte Amalie and Frenchtown. There are also several spots marked on the map in town where you can park the bikes if you want to do some shopping or grab a bite to eat. I took the bike to the edge of Frenchtown and got some great photos of Hassel and Water Islands.  I locked the bike up at Big Kahuna and had lunch before pedaling over to Fort Christian. If you are on a cruise ship the bike pickup is right near the pier at the entrance of Yacht Haven Grande.  If you are staying on St. Thomas, you can park at Yacht Haven or Havensight and walk over to the Yacht Haven Grande entrance. Check it out! Share...

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Top Ten Things to Do

1. Get Married
2. See the animals
3. Touch the animals
4. Snorkeling
5. Island hopping
6. Learn to - scuba, paddleboard, dive