Whether you are a beach bum or a water sports fanatic…

Live Your Island Song

with the St. Thomas and St. John Destination Guide

About Me:

Island Mike at Beach in Virgin Islands

Me at Magens Bay in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, beaches, pina coladas…that is what brought me to the islands.  But I learned real fast that it wasn’t cheap to live my island dream.  After working a desk job in the islands for 3 years to pay for my island lifestyle, I decided I needed to lose the suit and tie and try something different.  Virgin Island Saver was born of a dream to live a true island life.

7 years in and I’m still living the dream.  My hope is that I can share a little of the islands with you and make your visit here amazing!

So the question is…

…are you coming to the islands to escape the 9-to-5 grind for a few days?  The cold?  Or just want to spend some time in the Caribbean to see about making your own move to paradise?

No matter your reasons for visiting the Virgin Islands, my passion is to ensure you have the time of your life.



Don’t get stuck at your hotel, there is too much to see and do here to stay in one spot the whole time.

And even if you plan on being a beach bum, there are beaches and beach activities in St. Thomas and St. John that will defy your wildest Jimmy Buffett dreams!

So hurry up and get down here!  I just ordered one too many rum punches and need help!

-Michael Motylinski