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If you are visiting St. Thomas for the day or a week, these are the beaches that you must visit if you want the idyllic island experience.  Each beach has its own character and feel.  And each beach is a stand out for different reasons.  This is your guide to beaches on St. Thomas.* See the Map of St. Thomas Beaches.

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Magens Bay Beach

A palm tree shadow on the blue water of Magens Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
St. Thomas has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean

If you are traveling to St. Thomas, you’ve probably already heard about Magens Bay Beach.  If you haven’t, it is widely considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

Nestled on the central-north side, Magens is not more than 15 minutes from most places in St. Thomas. So what makes Magens one of the best?  It starts with the sand.  The sand at Magens is often described as being like talcum powder.  It is soft and super fine.

The beach is approximately .8 miles long, so there is plenty of it.  The beach is also relatively flat with plenty of room to stretch out. Next, the water.  Magens Beach is in a large bay protecting it from the sea, making the water pleasantly calm.  On many days, the water is as smooth as glass.  The fauna is spectacular.

Magens is not know for its snorkeling, but to see some great underwater life and landscapes head down to the far left of the beach.  If the water isn’t too rough you can head out along the rocky shore and enjoy some lovely snorkeling. Lastly, the amenities make Magens one of the best in the Caribbean. Beach Admission is $4

Amenities at Magens Bay Beach

There are several bathrooms, changing rooms and outdoor showers scattered along the beach.  A concession stand with pizza, sandwiches and burgers is right near the entrance to the beach.  Also, a full-service bar serving up ice-cold drinks and frozen beach concoctions.

Picnic benches are plentiful up and down the beach and are first come, first serve. In the same spot where the concessions and bar is located, there is a gift shop with towels, beach toys, beach attire and beach chair rentals. Down the beach to the right is Yak Shak where you can rent kayaks and paddleboards by the hour. Another fun way to enjoy Magens is through an all-inclusive beach day which includes food, beach chairs, floating mats and rum!

Finally, there are 4 covered pavilions for holding bbqs, birthday parties and beach wedding receptions.  The pavilions must be reserved in advance and there is a $100 rental fee.

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Secret Harbor

Secret Harbor in St. Thomas
St. Thomas’ Secret Harbor

Situated on the east end of St. Thomas, Secret Harbor is a condo resort beachfront.  Aside from the resort there is also a restaurant directly on the beach.  As such, the beach tends to be busy, but for good reason.  This palm tree-lined beach is gorgeous.

If you aren’t staying at the resort, good luck with parking.  If you can’t find parking in the very limited spaces provided you have to park on the street up the hill and walk down.

The beach is on the smallish side, but this shouldn’t deter you from checking it out.  They have some decent snorkeling and a short swim from shore there is a dock in the middle of the bay to take a break from snorkeling or for sunning yourself.

The water is almost always calm and the sand is as good as it gets.  The palms and seagrape trees that line the shore offer plenty of shade to escape the Caribbean sun.

Secret Harbor Amenities

The beach may not be huge, but it packs a ton in.  There is a restaurant on the beach and a full-service dive shop.  The dive shop also offers snorkel, paddleboard and kayak rentals.

The beach chairs are for guests of the resort only, so you will have to rent a chair or bring your own.  This is a great beach for kids because of the water activities and the calm water.  There is a spa if you want to grab a massage and there is also an on-site concierge if you want to take a boat trip.

Lindquist Beach

Lindquist Beach is one of the best beaches on st. thomas
Lindquist Beach in St. Thomas

Lindquist Beach is on the north side, toward the east end of St. Thomas.  Lindquist has some of the most beautiful views and sand on St. Thomas.  Seemingly a short swim away are the British Virgin Islands and St. John.

The water is a sparkling blue and the sand is as fine and soft as you can find.  There are picnic tables dotting the beach that are first come first serve. The snorkeling at Lindquist is decent with some reefs to the left of the beach and some rocks and reef further out from the beach.

The bay is not as protected as some of the other beaches, so the water can get rough on occasion, but it makes for some excellent waves!  Life guards are on duty during regular beach hours 8 am to 5 pm. Several of the now famous Corona beach commercials were filmed at Lindquist. The far left of the island is a perfect spot for weddings or photo ops. Beach Admission is $2 per person.

Lindquist Beach Amenities

As of the writing of this article, Lindquist Beach is constructing bathrooms and a concession.  But currently there are only portable toilets and no food options. If you plan on spending the day here, be sure to pack chairs, food and drinks.  Head down to Red Hook where there are several convenience stores. Right across the street from the entrance to Lindquist is a place to go horseback riding on the beach.

Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach St. Thomas

A little furthest to the east of Lindquist is Sapphire Beach Resort.  One of the best beaches on St. Thomas if you want great snorkeling and amenities.  Incredible views of the British Virgin Islands and a idyllic shoreline, make Sapphire a beautiful beach. But don’t plan on finding a quiet or secluded spot on the beach.

With this being a resort, beach traffic is a little more congested than most beaches, but that is not to say it is overcrowded. The sand is powdery and the water as blue as anywhere on the island.  Occasionally swells kick up some waves, but nothing that should scare swimmers away. The snorkeling is above average for St. Thomas.  While much of the coral has been bleached, there is plenty of marine life including sea turtles!

Sapphire Beach Amenities

Sapphire Beach is loaded with amenities.  Right on the beach is a beach shack.  They rent snorkeling gear, kayaks and beach chairs. There is also a scuba shop right on the beach if you want to get certified or go diving. The beach has several food options.  As you enter the resort there is a food truck called Off the Grid.  They do an excellent barbecue. On the beach there is a small food hut and plans are in the works to add a full menu in the pool area down on the right side of the beach. There is also an amazing stretch of land that extends out into the sea with lovely rock formations.  Pretty Klip Point, as it is known, is a romantic and picturesque place to get married in St. Thomas.


Morningstar Beach

Morningstar Beach St. Thomas
A perfect beach in St. Thomas to relax and party

Morningstar is the beach attached to the Marriott Frenchman’s Bay Resort.  The beach, like all beaches on St. Thomas, is open to the general public.  If you travel there by car there is a parking lot for public parking.

The sand is not as pretty as some of the northside beaches.  It is a little more on the tan-brownish side.  Also, there is minimal snorkeling opportunities.  If you head to the left side of the beach there are some rocks with coral and sea life. The water tends to be on the rougher side of the scale, but still rather tame compared to many state-side ocean beaches.

The view on the beach is to the south and offers sightings of St. Croix on a clear day.  In the early morning or late afternoon, you can watch the mammoth cruise ships coming and going in the harbor.

Morningstar Beach Amenities

Being a Marriott property there are tons of amenities.  There is a jet ski tour that launches from the beach on the left side of the beach.  The tour will take you into Charlotte Amalie harbor and around several islands in the harbor. A beach stand also rents chairs and snorkel gear.  But the brightest spot of the beach are the bars and restaurants.  Coco Joe’s and The Sand Bar (below Havana Blue) offer all manner of seafood, tapas and sandwiches.

Lindbergh Beach

A less crowded resort beach is Lindbergh Beach by the St. Thomas Airport.  Some of the loveliest waters you can find outside of Magens are at Lindbergh.  The sand is also wonderful.  There are 2 small resorts on the beach, Emerald Beach Resort and the Island Beachcomber.

There are some snorkeling opportunities on a calm day along the left side of the beach near the rocks.  The beach is nestled in a bay, so the water is stays a little calmer even when there is a surge. Lindbergh is one of the longer stretches of beach on St. Thomas so there is room to spread out.  On the weekends, though, the right side of the beach is popular with locals. Parking is plentiful with a small lot towards the center of the beach and also street-side parking stretching along the beach to its far end.

Lindberg Beach in St. Thomas
Lindberg is a lovely and relaxed beach

Lindbergh Bay Amenities

Having 2 resorts right on the beach means you have plenty of choices when it comes to amenities.  Emerald Beach Resort has a thatched-roof, hut bar with all the rum and frozen concoctions you can handle.  They also have a restaurant with a full breakfast/lunch and dinner menu.

The Island Beachcomber also has a full bar and restaurant right on the sand! On the far right side of the beach there is a small grassy area with a gazebo for weddings and a covered pavilion which is great for parties/cookouts.  Also on the far right side you will find jetski rentals. The resorts have all the beach rental gear you’ll need-chairs, snorkel gear, paddleboats and plenty more.


Neltjeberg Beach is a secluded St. Thomas beach on the Northside of the Island
A secluded beach on the Northside of St. Thomas

Neltjeberg Beach

No signs mark the way to this, in my mind, one of the best beaches on St. Thomas.  Unless you live in St. Thomas or are staying at a villa in this remote part of the island, you would probably never get a chance to enjoy this stunning secluded beach.  The path to get there is at times treacherous and is not recommended unless you have an SUV with 4WD. There is a generous beach that is both long and deep.  The views are mainly of the uninhabited Inner Brass Island.  Towards the left side of the beach is some decent snorkeling if the conditions are right.  I’ve also enjoyed some great fishing here. If the water isn’t too rough, you can kayak or paddleboard over to Inner Brass and have a true island adventure.

Neltjeberg Beach Amenities

None.  Other than some makeshift tents/campsites, there is nothing down here but birds, water and sand.  So if you are planning on spending the day here, bring all your necessary supplies.


Brewers Beach

Past the airport heading towards the West side of St. Thomas is a gem of a beach.  Nestled on the campus of the University of the Virgin

On the west side of st. Thomas is brewers beach, a nice stretch of sand with snorkeling and blue water.
Just past the airport lies Brewers Bay. A local favorite.

Islands is Brewers Beach.  This medium-sized beach offers front row seating of the airport runway as private leer jets, major airlines and tiny puddle jumper planes land across the bay.  But the sound of the plane traffic shouldn’t interrupt your serenity on this beautiful beach. The beach is extremely deep with plenty of shady trees set back from the water.

The water is a lovely greenish-blue and is usually pretty calm and there is some marine life for snorkeling.  On clear days you have nice views of the rocky shore of western St. Thomas and the Puerto-Rican island Vieques. During the week the beach is relatively quiet as it is not frequented by vacationers, but on the weekends it can get busy as locals flood this stretch of sand.

When I go to Brewers I like to take a kayak to cruise along the shore as the water is shallow and sea turtles are plentiful.  Just across the street from the beach is a grassy field where you can do some kite flying, football/baseball throwing or frisbee tossing. Just a bit further down on the opposite side of the beach is a small opening in the dense underbrush.  If you can find it, it eventually opens up to a wide, boulder-strewn trail that leads up to a large rock face.  At the top you are rewarded with incredible views of Brewers Beach and airport.  (You may have to call me to help you find the opening, as it is easy to miss!)

Brewers Beach Amenities

There are public restrooms right off the beach.  A food truck, serving local foods and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, sits right off the beach.  A beef pate and an ice-cold beer is my order every time.

An adventure kayak and snorkel tour launches from Brewers Bay and heads to the remote waters and landscapes along the southwestern shore of St. Thomas.

Bolongo Bay

Bolongo Bay in St. Thomas is a resort beach with scuba diving, snorkeling and frozen drinks.
Bolongo Bay is a resort beach with all the amenities

Home to one of the best beach bars/restaurants in the Caribbean, Iggie’s is a great reason to put Bolongo Bay on your list of beaches to visit.  The right side of the beach has a large section of desirable sand.  Beach chairs and umbrellas are plentiful.

Unfortunately the right side of the beach has some pretty nasty coral.  What I mean by nasty is that the water is shallow and rough and the coral is jagged and treacherous.

The left side of the beach doesn’t have as an expansive stretch of sand, but the water’s edge is calm and easy to traverse.  There are stretches of coral throughout the bay and the water stays flat or close to it most of the time.

Bolongo Bay Amenities

Bolongo Bay Beach is roughly divided by a private pier.  The pier is the launch for a scuba diving boat and also Heavenly Days, a beautiful catamaran running regular trips to Turtle Cove for snorkeling with sea turtles.

The full-service dive shop is next to Iggie’s on the right side of the beach.  The shop rents snorkel gear and scuba equipment.  They also offer the entire range of scuba certifications.

Most of the beach is flanked by Bolongo Bay Beach Resort so you get all the beach extras that accompany resorts: kayaks, small hobie cats, paddle boats, a restaurant and bar.  The swimming pool is for guests only!

Hull Bay

If you ask most north side locals, their favorite beach they’ll tell you Hull Bay.  What makes Hull Bay a favorite is not its water, its beach

Locals love Hull Bay in St. Thomas for its surfing, sand and water.
A great beach on the northside of St. Thomas

or views, what makes it special is it’s vibe.  Hull Bay has a true beach and surfer town feel.  The water is decent and the sand is average.  About a quarter of the waterfront is covered in pebbles and rocks at the water’s edge. There are some nice snorkel spots and the rocks along the edges of the bay are great for fishing.  If you are a surfer, this is probably the best spot on St. Thomas to find some waves.

Hull Bay Beach Amenities

Just steps from the beach is a great beach bar.  Hull Bay Hideaway is an authentic beach/pirate hideout.  With a full bar and menu and live music throughout the week, this is a spot where you can spend the day relaxing on the beach and the night relaxing at the bar.  They have pool tables!

There is also a snorkel and scuba outfitter just off the beach.  This is one of my favorite hang out beaches.


The Elysian

Elysian Beach in St. Thomas
Elysian Beach

The beach at the Elysian is spacious and picturesque.  The sand is superb and is dotted by palm trees.  The beach sits on a bay that is shared with a yacht club, so outside of the marked swimming area, the bay is littered with boats.

Elysian Beach Amenities

*Some Final Thoughts on St. Thomas Beaches

A quick general word about the beaches in St. Thomas.  First, please exercise caution and care when it comes to all wildlife.  First, don’t touch the coral.  Coral is a living animal and is fragile.  An inadvertent kick can damage or kill it and it can take decades to regrow.  Another reason to be cautious around coral is that some coral and some of the creatures that live in it can give you a nice sting! Safety.  As with all things in life, being aware of your surroundings and using common sense, is sage advice.  Camping on a beach is never a good idea, especially in the remote parts of the island.  While incidents of theft and/or violence are rare, you can make yourself an easy target if you are all alone on a remote beach at night. Otherwise, enjoy paradise and let me know if you have any questions!  340-201-6069