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Virgin Island Saver

Virgin Island Saver

The Lost Mango Campgrounds

I love the outdoors.  All my favorite activities are best done outside – swimming, fishing, kayaking, sailing, drinking…just to name a few.

Before I moved to the Caribbean I imagined and island life with me camping out on a beach just steps from the ocean.  Waking up to climb a coconut tree for some fresh coconut water.   Diving into the water to grab a lobster for a breakfast omelet.

Thankfully, I’ve come pretty close to living my island fantasy.  There used to be a campground on St. John called Maho Bay Camps, but that has since disappeared.  Currently, St. John boasts 2 campgrounds – Cinnamon Bay and Concordia.

But until very recently, St. Thomas had absolutely no camping.  But that changed when The Lost Mango Campgrounds broke ground on the side of St. Peter Mountain.

The grounds of Lost Mango are a lovely mix of rugged and manicured (kinda how I like my women).

They offer raw ground for tent pitching.
(If you are following along, apparently camping is not bereft of double-entendres.)

Or, if glamping is your thing, they offer safari tents and even more luxurious cabins.

As far as an outdoor, camping experience, the Caribbean sky is yours for the viewing at night.  During the day, amazing views of the Caribbean Sea abound.  The many islands and cays of St. Thomas, St. Croix and Puerto Rico dot the horizon.

The landscape of the campground includes an abundance of tropical fruit trees (banana, mango, soursop, passion fruit, coffee bean, cacao, guava, to name a few).  Depending on the time of year, you can pick your own of many of the trees.

The location is close to town, the beaches and the airport but don’t let that you think you are in a busy area.  The campgrounds are in a sleepy part of the island and perfect for unplugging (if you like) and relaxing.