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Kayak fishing is an exciting new option in St. Thomas.  Until recently there was exactly one option for fishing in St. Thomas: a charter boat.  The vast majority of charter boats take anglers to the North or South Drop to fish for marlin, mahi-mahi, sailfish and wahoo.

Fish for Sea Monsters

St. Thomas Kayak Fishing Tour

Kayak fishing in St. Thomas targets entirely different fish close to shore: tarpon, kingfish, snapper and barracuda.  St. Thomas Adventure Excursions now offers a kayak fishing tour in St. Thomas that sets it apart from any other fishing experience on the island.

Because of the kayak’s size and maneuverability it is able to reach locations that shore fisherman and boats can’t reach.  The real excitement in kayak fishing comes from being in such close proximity with the water.  Fighting a 10 lb fish becomes a whole different experience when sitting in open water on a 10 foot kayak.

Your fishing guide is equipped with a fish finder and a familiarity with all of the hot spots for landing big fish.  The kayaks are outfitted for big and small game fishing.  A small rod is often used for catching bait fish and a 2nd rod is used for targeting the sea monsters.  While paddling there are also 2 rods equipped for trolling.

Perfect Tour for 1-4 People

Kayak fishing tours are available throughout the day, but night fishing is probably the most thrilling.  Moderate paddling may be required to get to the good fishing spots.

The fishing tour lasts at least 4 hours.  Group sizes are from 1 to 4 anglers.  A live well is available for caught fish that meet local fishing regulations.

Contact Tour Company

St. Thomas Adventure Excursions

For more information and to book a tour contact on their website St. Thomas Adventure Excursions or call direct 340-201-6069.