Virgin Island Saver

Virgin Island Saver

Virgin Island Saver

My idea of a perfect beach day, aside from perfect weather, sand and water, is a day of relaxing and a few leisurely activities chased with a dose of good drink and a packed picnic spread.

But planning the perfect day is easier said than done when you are vacationing.

The Ultimate St. Thomas Beach Excursion1. You need to pack or put on all the beach essentials first: sunscreen, bug spray, towel, sunglasses, bathing suit, flip flops, lounge chair

2. If you are planning on being at the beach for more than an hour or two you need to bring: water, soda, alcohol, snacks, sandwiches, cooler, ice

3. Arrange for transportation or get directions to the beach

4. Buy or rent gear for water and beach activities: floating mats, rafts, snorkel gear, kayak or paddleboard, beach toys

Going to the beach is supposed to be relaxing and yet planning a beach day can be stressful and overwhelming.

Why not have the perfect beach day excursion and not have to do anything but show up?

If you book St. Thomas Adventure Excursions’ All-inclusive Beach Tour, you have everything you need for the ideal day at the beach. You will be treated to a lesser-traveled beach on St. Thomas away from many of the crowds. When you arrive you will have everything provided for your beach day.

Included in the tour:

1. Lounge chairs           6. Beach Toys

2. Snorkel gear              7. Water, various soft drinks

3. Floating mats            8. Sandwiches, condiments

4. Kayaks                         9. Chips, cookies, assorted snacks

5. Transportation        10. Rum!

You can plan your own day and arrange for food, drinks, rafts and water sport rentals, and you will end up spending more than the cost of this all-inclusive beach tour.

Or you can do what you came to do on your St. Thomas vacation: Relax

Cost for a day to remember: $85 per person for adults. Children ages 3-12 are $65. Children under 3 are free.

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