Virgin Islands Saver

The Best Deals for Your St. Thomas/St. John Vacation



By Island Mike



Here are a few alternatives to lying on a beach with a frozen drink.  In no particular order…


  1. Go Scuba Diving

The Virgin Islands have a variety of sites for all levels of divers and is a great place to get certified. The Virgin Islands waters are full of wrecks, reefs and sea life. Shark, eel, ray and every fish imaginable are found in Virgin Island waters.


St. Thomas


Red Hook Dive Shop

Underwater Safaris


Aqua Marine Dive Center


Aqua Action Dive Center


Coki Dive Center


St. Thomas Diving Club


Blue Island Divers


St. John

Low Key Water Sports


Cruz Bay Water Sports


Maho Bay Water Sports


  1. Bike Tour to the Beach in St. Thomas

Take a ride along the historic waterfront in Charlotte Amalie and enjoy a 3 mile ride to one of St. Thomas’ beautiful beaches.


Loud Rooster Tours



  1. Charter a boat, bare boat or crewed

There might not be a better way to see and enjoy all the islands have to offer. If you are an experienced sailor or yachtsman, a bare boat is an option. Or hire a captain and crew and leave the driving/sailing to someone else. If you bring your passport you can travel to the British Virgin Islands.


Captain/Crew Power Boats

Adventure Water Sports

Nautica Mini Boat Adventure

Double Fun Charters


Vilocity Boat Rentals


Magic Moments


Hookin’ n Crookin


Sail Boats

Island Girl




Island Sol


Bare Boat


See and Ski


Nauti Nymph


Vilocity Boat Rentals


  1. Take Sailing Lessons

There might not be a better way to see and enjoy all the islands have to offer. If you are an experienced sailor or yachtsman, a bare boat is an option. Or hire a captain and crew and leave the driving/sailing to someone else. If you bring your passport you can travel to the British Virgin Islands.

Learn a skill that will last you a lifetime.

Island Sol


Fair Wind Sailing



  1. Experience an Island Safari by 4-Wheel Drive

See all the beauty of the interior of St. Thomas or St. John and go to places and beaches that tourists seldom see.

Cruise Ship Excursions


  1. Pier Fishing in St. Thomas

Throw a line in the water and fish for small and big game fish.  Great for all ages and skill levels.


Loud Rooster Tours



  1. Surfing

St. Thomas has some seasonal surfing that will satiate your need to get up on your board (the British Virgin Islands is the better island for finding some excellent waves). Check out Hull Bay or take a boat to Botany Bay. The best time for good surf are the winter months.
St. John also has some spots with smaller waves for the beginner.  Try Surfer Gary @ 340-626-6377

  1. Learn Windsurfing

Windsurfing is popular in Virgin Islands. There are steady and strong winds on the east end of the island.


West Indies Windsurfing on Vessup Beach


  1. Tee Off at Mahogany Run Golf Course

Play 18 holes on a beautiful course with the world-famous devil’s triangle.


  1. Go Horseback Riding

There are two facilities available in Virgin Islands, one on St. Thomas and one on St. John. Ride beautiful horses and see beautiful trails.


St. Thomas


Golden Age Ranch


St. John


The Carolina Corral



  1. Take a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour or Helicopter Flying Lesson

Go for a flight-seeing tour or take an introductory flying lesson in a helicopter.


Caribbean Buzz


  1. Go Fly Fishing for the elusive Bone Fish

While most anglers come to the Virgin Islands for world-class deep sea fishing, fly fishing for bonefish in the flats in St. John is a fisherman’s dream.

Arawak Expeditions


  1. Historic Walking Tour

Go back in time 300 years to the times of pirates, privateers and explorers on this entertaining and educational walking tour in historic Charlotte Amalie.


Loud Rooster Tours



  1. Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing on the North and South Drop is a very popular recreational activity for visitors to the Virgin Islands. Game fish include marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, swordfish, mahi mahi and barracuda.


Black Pearl Sportfishing


Peanut Gallery Charters


Blue Fin II
Double Header


Mixed Bag


Marlin Prince

  1. Snorkel with the Turtles

Enjoy snorkeling in crystal clear waters and dive down below the ocean’s surface and swim with the turtles.

Heavenly Days


  1. Take a Kayak Tour

Take a guided group tour or rent a kayak and explore on your own.

Arawak Expeditions


Loud Rooster Tours



VI Ecotours


Hidden Reef Ecotours



  1. Try Underwater Spear Fishing

Where fishing meets hunting. All gear provided.


Swashbucklin Tours


  1. Kite Surfing for New or Experienced

Instructor Jon Moore has been giving kite lessons on St. Thomas since 2004 and knows how to make the most out of a wide range of wind and weather conditions.

Adventure Water Sports


  1. Hike the Trails of The National Forest in St. John

No guide necessary for these trails. Grab a map from a park ranger’s office or see below and hike one of dozens of trails to see old ruins, petro glyphs and breathtaking views.


Download PDF

  1. Visit a Mini-Museum or Landmark in Charlotte Amalie

The offerings are small and quaint. But provide a brief respite from the jewelry shops and bars.


Seven Arches Museum (call to schedule a visit)


French Heritage Museum (call to schedule a visit)


Blackbeard’s Castle
340 776-1234


Caribbean Genealogy Library


St. John Historical Museum

  1. Visit Annaberg Plantation on St. John

The Virgin Islands National Park Service has prepared a self-guided tour of the historic Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins. The walk through this partially restored old sugar factory provides a great deal of insight into the history and culture of St. John during the plantation and post-emancipation eras.


National Park Service web site



  1. Discover the Stars of the Caribbean

Not regularly opened to the public, call Professor Morris and see if you can schedule an appointment at the observatory.  340-693-1391



  1. Visit One of the Oldest Jewish Synagogues in America

Everything in the historic St. Thomas Synagogue building is original, dating back to 1833. This beautiful synagogue is an architectural and historical gem in the middle of the Caribbean.  340-774-4312


  1. Jet Pack Experience

Basically it’s like a jet pack above the water.  Fly like Ironman.


Jet Riders


  1. Discover the Botanical Gardens at the Great House

Nestled high in the volcanic peaks of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands sits St. Peter Great House and Botanical Gardens with streaming waterfalls, tropical bird aviaries, fish ponds, more than 20 varieties of orchids and 150 species of Caribbean plants and fruits.  (340) 774-4999


  1. Self-Guided Historic Tour of Charlotte Amalie

Grab one of the definitive historical reference guides for identifying old Charlotte Amalie.


“The Danish West Indies in Black and White”.

  1. A Day Trip to Tortola (Passport Required)

Climb aboard a ferry for a pleasurable 30-40 minute ride and arrive in Tortola (cost is about $60 roundtrip). Enjoy incredible beaches, amazing dive sites, swimming with dolphins (see #28), big waves, hiking, museums and more…all with a British twist.


Smith’s Ferry 340-775-7292

Inter Island Boat Service 340-776-6597

Native Son 340-774-8685

  1. Swim with the Dolphins in Tortola (Passport Required)

Simply awesome.  866-393-5158

  1. Skydiving

Imagine the views high above the islands.  Imagine staring down at them while aboard a small plane, right before jumping out of the plane!  For beginners or experienced divers, check it out!


Skydive St. Thomas


  1. Gawk at the Megayachts and Go Shopping at Yacht Haven Grande

Head to Yacht Haven Grande for some shopping in boutiques and luxury design stores including Gucci, Coach and Salvatore Ferragamo. Then grab lunch at Fat Turtle and gaze at the mega yachts docked right beside you.



Fat Turtle

Fresh Bistro

Grand Cru


  1. Bourdeux Farmer’s Market

A small Rastafarian community on the west end of St. Thomas has fresh produce, juices, honey and handmade crafts and foodstuffs. On the last Sunday of every month.


  1. Explore the West End of St. Thomas

Get on a main road and head west, and don’t worry it’s nearly impossible to get lost. The west end is sparsely populated and has little in the way of attractions or accommodations but it does have views of Puerto Rico, Culebra and Vieques. If you have 4WD don’t be shy about exploring some of the back roads. You may happen upon a secret beach or rarely-discovered, breathtaking views.

Scooter Rental


Budget Car Rental



  1. Bushwacker Tour

The Bushwacker is the unofficial drink of the Virgin Islands. Spend a day barhopping and beachhopping tasting bushwackers to see who makes the best. Make sure they use nutmeg!

Here are some suggested spots:


Iggie’s at Bolongo Bay

The Bar at Magens Bay

Beachcomber Hotel at Lindbergh Bay

The Beach Bar at ferry dock in Cruz Bay, St. John



  1. Visit the Cliffs at Peterborg Point

Some of the most beautiful views of the North Side of the Island.  Grab an island map or ask a local how to get there. Or try this, head towards Magen’s Bay and take the last turn to the right before you get to the beach. Follow the road to the end and you’re there!


  1. Find the Secret Beaches

Everyone knows about Magens, Lindquist, Lindbergh, Hull, Vessup and Secret Harbor. But there are at least a dozen beaches that you will never find in a guide book. Pristine beaches where you might not see another soul. The only way to find them is ask a local or start exploring!  Or give me a call at 340-201-6069


  1. The Baths of Virgin Gorda (Passport Required)

The British Virgin Island of Virgin Gorda has possibly one of the most beautiful and memorable sites in the Caribbean. The Baths. You can grab one of the ferry’s mentioned in #27 or you can take a charter to see the Baths and the Caves at Norman Island.

Cruz Bay Watersports


  1. Visit Drake’s Seat

A lookout point where you will see beautiful panoramic views of the Ocean and British Virgin Islands. Pack a few drinks, go to the top of Mafolie Hill and then turn left and go about 1,000 feet. Enjoy.


  1. Get an Island Tattoo

Think old sailor tattoo or find your inspiration in a Jimmy Buffett song. But go with something nautical and escapist.


Compass Rose Tattoo


Jimmy Buffham’s



  1. Taste a Mango straight from a Tree

The island is full of mango trees. Sometime between the months of April-June the trees will be full of them. If you see a tree hanging into the street, don’t be shy about grabbing a couple. It may take a few days to ripen (place it in a brown paper bag) but peel the skin and grab a paper towel because our mangos are juicy!


  1. Enjoy “Roti” Cooked Virgin Islands Style

A true local dish, potatoes, curry, with a filling of your choosing-shrimp, conch, chicken, vegetables, etc.

Many local restaurants have them.  Our favorite?  Ideal Roti in town. Or just ask a local where to get their favorite.


  1. Taste Some Local Cuisine

Ask your waiter if they have any local cuisine. Conch and rice with a side of fried plantains is about as good as it gets. For authentic local food, get away from the resorts and find a local spot. Try these:


Brooks Bar (near Magens Bay)

Petite Pump Room (near Seaplane)

Victor’s Hide Out (Ask for Directions)


  1. Go Hunting For Caribbean Lobster (or just go buy some)

Many will argue that the Caribbean Lobster is more flavorful and delicious than Maine lobster. There are a few ways to get your hands on some: pick up some live lobster at Food Center (near Red Hook), if you scuba dive, see if your dive boat will take you lobster hunting, or book a lobster hunting tour with Swashbucklin Tours.

See #1 for dive shops


Swashbucklin Tours


  1. Go on a Sunset Cruise

Caribbean sunsets are best seen while on the deck of a boat floating in the Caribbean Sea. Most of the cruises have dinner and/or hor d’oeuvres.

Island Spirit




New Horizons


  1. Take a Day Trip to Jost Van Dyke (Passport Required)

One of the most picture perfect beaches and bars await you at White Bay at Jost Van Dyke. The Soggy Dollar serves up excellent local food (read fried, greasy and delicious) and the infamous Pain Killer cocktail. The water and sand is pristine and perfect for a day of indulgent beach bumming.

Dolphin Water Taxi

Island Spirit


Aqua Blue Charters



  1. Play Roulette at The Rock Lounge

Place your bets through a user friendly touch screen computer but watch the real roulette wheel and ball spin around while you can bet small or big! There is also a video blackjack game and the Virgin Islands’ version of slot machines.  Located in Havensight at Port of Sale Mall.



  1. Attend a Carnival Show at Iggies

This famous evening features one of the liveliest shows on the island. Come for dinner or just come for the show. Any of the following might be performing: stilt walkers, fire dancers, limbo exhibitionists and steel pan bands. Truly a perfect night of fun. Iggies is located at Bolongo Bay.


Call for directions and other events 340-693-2600


  1. Go Bar Hopping in Red Hook

If you want to sing karaoke, go dancing or just enjoy dinner and/or a drink you have probably a dozen options in a 500 foot stretch of road. A few are listed below.




Molly Molones


Caribbean Saloon



Tap and Still


  1. Take an Island Tour on a Safari (our local public transporation)

If you want the true local experience, take an island ride on a safari. A safari is an open air converted truck bed with benches-you will see them constantly. They travel the main roads and have no set schedule but do not run after dark. When you see one coming just stick your arm out. The safaris run a loop from town towards the east end of the island. Cost? $2 per person for most trips.


  1. Visit the Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden


  1. Go Island Hopping

St. Thomas is the single best island in the Caribbean to go island hopping from. Spend a day or two exploring the beaches, tropical rain forests, mountains, food, shopping on nearby islands such as St. Croix, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Vieques, Nevis, & Dominica.


Air Sunshine

Sea Flight


Cape Air


Seaborne Airlines


  1. Kayak Fishing in St. Thomas

Some of the best fishing in St. Thomas is right off shore.  Kayaks have access to seldom fished locations.


Loud Rooster Tours


  1. Swim with Sharks or Turtles

Coral World Ocean Park on St. Thomas is a pleasant little aquarium and nature park. An underwater observatory and interactive exhibits make this a family favorite. Make sure you take advantage of the change to swim with the sharks or turtles.

Coral World Ocean Park


  1. Discover the West End by Boat and Go Snorkeling, Fishing, Exploring, etc.

Grab a charter boat and head to the west end of St. Thomas. You will almost certainly be the only boat out there!  Great views and shorkeling await. While there, be sure to check out Botany Bay and Mermaid’s Chair.


  1. Taste Cruzan Rum with the Flavors of Virgin Islands

Not difficult to do, but try all the flavors while you’re here. One of the easiest ways is to order a Cruzan Confusion drink which has many of the flavors. Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana, Coconut…yum!


  1. Escape to Water Island for a Picnic

Pack a small picnic (there is a small food stand at your destination that may or may not be open) and head over to Crown Bay. There is a small ferry boat that runs from the dock next to Tickles Restaurant to Water Island. When you land on Water Island follow the road as it turns to the right and runs into the beach at Honeymoon Bay.  Usually about $6 per person each way.


  1. Get Engaged, Married or Renew your Vows

For couples wishing to renew their vows, get married or planning the perfect engagement – your ceremony can be as romantic as you desire.  A quiet morning wedding on a beach, a sunset cruise or a picturesque luxury villa.  For all the possibilities click below.

Blue Sky Ceremony



  1. Take a Walk on the Waterfront at Dusk

Park at Yacht Haven Grande and walk along the waterfront in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Turn around when you get to the sea plane. The water and lights are beautiful and picturesque.


  1. Drink Virgin Islands Beer

St. John’s own brewery brews up several delicious beers that capture the flavors of the islands. Grab a 12-pack and find a shady spot.

  1. Night Fishing

Night fish for sea monsters while sitting on the beach sipping a cold beer.


Loud Rooster Tours


  1. Go Bird Watching

While hiking in St. John or sitting on a beach, bring a guidebook and keep track of all the unique Caribbean birds.

A Guide to the Birds of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

Birds of the West Indies

  1. Fish and Coral Watching

While Snorkeling or Scuba Diving bring a guide so you can identify all of the tropical fish and coral heads.

For identifying coral reef fish


  1. Go Running or Walking at Magens

Run/walk the beach, the road or the trail at Magens Beach. Get your exercise all while enjoying the beauty of one of the world’s most desired beaches. If you run on the beach one length is approximately .75 miles.  If you run on the beach road adjacent to the beach, one length is approximately .55 miles.


  1. Take the Zipline Tour

Cruise through the treetops from some of the highest points on the island for views above Magen’s Bay and down to the British Virgin Islands. Enjoy approximately 2 hours of this exhilarating tour.

Tree Limin’ Extreme

  1. Beach Bbq

An all-inclusive day at the beach includes kayaks, floating mats, burgers and hotdogs, snacks and all the rum you can drink!


Loud Rooster Tours


  1. Go Night Kayaking

A clear bottom boat with LED lights illuminates the night waters revealing fish, rays and turtles.  An enjoyable and leisurely tour. Tour begins at the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Hotel.


Adventure Center at the Marriott


  1. A Night Snorkeling Tour

A powerful underwater flashlight pierces the dark waters and all manner of fish and sea life reveals itself. There is nothing as exhilarating as a night snorkel tour.


Shore Adventures


  1. Charter a Fully Provisioned and Crewed Luxury Sail or Power Yacht

Whether a few days or a week or more, cruising the Caribbean in a fully stocked and crewed boat is the ultimate Caribbean experience! And it is far more affordable than would think considering that everything is included! Pick from a yacht or catamaran.

Caribbean Charter Yachts


  1. Take a Water Walk to 2 Secret Beaches

Go to the far right side of Magens Bay Beach. Enter the water and stay along the shore line the water stays about shoulder high. First you will happen upon Little Magens (clothing optional!) and if you continue you will find another tiny stretch of idealic sand called Platform Beach.


  1. Take a JetSki Tour

Cruise on a guided Jet Ski tour through Charlotte Amalie Harbor and around Hassel and Water Islands. Whether there are only 2 of you or a group of six see parts of St. Thomas few have ever seen.

Water Tech Water Sports


  1. Go Parasailing

You will experience a mixture of beautiful scenery, crystal clear waters, warm sea spray and exhilarating flight on this ride high above St. Thomas. Ride one at a time or in tandem.

Caribbean Water Sports


  1. Take a Ride on a Jet Boat

A 650 HP turbo-charged boat will take you on an incredible high speed harbor and coastline tour. You will experience a mixture of beautiful scenery, warm sea spray and exhilarating speed along with breathtaking 180 degree spins, wild fishtails and awesome power brake stops.

Caribbean Water Sports


  1. Rent a Kayak or Paddleboard

Explore the many bays and harbors on a rented kayak or paddleboard. Rent for the day or for a few days to really explore all the islands have to offer


St. Thomas

West Indies Windsurfing on Vessup Beach


Loud Rooster Tours



St. John





Also find daily rentails at:

Sapphire Beach

Magens Bay

Hull Bay

Maho Bay



  1. Magic Ice

An entire exhibit made of crystal clear ice consisting of beautiful sculptures, a kids slide, wedding chapel and a pirate ship bar, all made of ICE! Located on the Waterfront in downtown Charlotte Amalie, Magic Ice is open all year round Monday-Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Magic Ice

  1. Explore Hassel Island

Rent a kayak, pack a picnic and lots of water, head to Frenchtown and disembark. Cross a short stretch of water and arrive in the sparsely populated Hassel Island. Old ruins, beautiful hiking trails and incredible views. There are no accommodations or facilities of any kind on Hassel Island so be sure to come prepared.


For a guided tour:


Loud Rooster Tours



  1. Get a Massage/Spa Treatment


Prana Spa


Journeys Spa


  1. Visit Mountaintop

A tourist trap to be sure, but it is worth the trip. High above Magens Bay is Mountaintop. A large and fun-filled souvenir shop along with a bar serving up Banana Daiquiris compliment the never ending views of St. Thomas, St. John and the British Virgin Islands. Mountaintop is relatively easy to find with a tourist map or directions from just about any local.


  1. Take the Blackbeard’s Walking Tour

In their own words, “With pirate hideouts, historic manor houses, botanical gardens, archaeological sites, sparkling pools, waterfalls, museums, bars, shops and much more, this national historic landmark is the Caribbean’s premier historical site.”




  1. Lookouts

There are a few well mapped and travelled lookouts. The most famous is Drake’s Seat. The views are spectacular. But there are other lookouts that you won’t find on a tour map. And others aren’t even official lookouts. So as you tour St. Thomas or St. John keep an eye out for spots along the road that offer new and wonderful views of this paradise.


  1. Paradise Point and Skyride

A ski lift but thankfully no snow. Catch the Skyride up to Paradise Point for the best vantage point to look at the harbor and cruise ship docks. Paradise Point has a bar, live music and great souvenir shopping.



  1. Guided Hike and Boat Ride on Reef Bay Trail

Walk a rocky, but mostly downhill trail, to sugar mill ruins and a secluded bay.  Book through the National Park and get transportation (taxi) to and from (boat ride) the trail.


National Park Service




Want More Info? Questions?

Call me, Island Mike, on my cell phone at 340-201-6069