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Most vacationers to St. Thomas and St. John never consider a day trip to St. Croix. In my experience people either stay on one island or make a trip over to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). But what most don’t realize is that a day trip to St. Croix can be simple and as affordable as a trip to the BVI.

So, with much fanfare, here is the ultimate:

Day Trip to St. Croix

There is no ferry service between the islands, but it’s just a short flight by seaplane. You can easily fly out to St. Croix in the morning and be back on St. Thomas in time for dinner.

St. Croix is 30+ miles from St. Thomas and a sea flight is the quickest and simplest way to get there with daily flights available between the islands. The trip takes about 20 minutes, offering spectacular views along the way. And some flights offer take offs and landings on the water for an especially exhilarating experience.

You might be surprised to find that the trek from St. Thomas to St. Croix is even easier than trips across town in most major cities.

While you might imagine this to be a pricey venture, the cost to fly is actually rather budget-friendly! In fact, flying between the islands has never been cheaper!

Getting there

The Sea Flight is normally $160 per person, round-trip, but right now you can save $80 off a flight. Click here:

Total cost for 2 people round-trip: $240 (which is cheaper than many boat trips!!!)

Upon landing in St. Croix, you can rent a car with several car rental agencies located right where the plane lands, or you can arrange to have a taxi pick you up and bring you to your island adventure. Or, if you are taking a tour or going snorkeling or scuba diving with a dive outfit, they will almost certainly arrange for transportation for you.

What to do in St. Croix

You’ll find a number of uniquely Crucian attractions and fun activities that are well worth taking the trip over, including:

  • Golfing: St. Croix is a golf-lovers paradise with three beautiful courses to choose from including The Reef Golf Course on the island’s exclusive East End, the world-class Carambola Golf Course in the lush, tropical northwestern valley and the scenic Buccaneer Golf Club course located on the shores of Beauregard Bay.
  • 4-Wheel Tours: There are a number of tour operators on the island that specialize in taking visitors on extraordinary expeditions through the breathtaking landscape including the lush rainforest and areas only accessible by four-wheel drive such as hidden sugar plantation ruins and tide pools.
  • Hike the Rain Forest: Explore the rain forest on one of many winding trails through magnificent flora and fauna with the opportunity to spot a number of brilliant colored birds. This dense forest is thick with mahogany trees, samaan or rain trees, turpentine trees and many others as well as a variety of ferns and vines. Sweet limes and mangos can also be found growing out in the wilds of the rain forest.
  • Tour the rum distillery: Cruzan Rum has been making their best-selling rum on St. Croix for 300 years. Take a guided tour to find out how it’s made and enjoy a complimentary rum drink too.
  • Buck Island: Take a sailing tour to Buck Island, known for its picturesque beach, snorkel trail and abundance of marine life.

Staying overnight?

If you‘d like to plan an overnight stay St. Croix offers affordable and pleasant accommodations in Christiansted right on the boardwalk/pier area.

Hotel Cost: $140+

And this is only a small slice of the many unique offerings of St. Croix. So spend one day out of your St. Thomas or St. John vacation and explore all that St. Croix has to offer. You will be glad you did!

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