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Virgin Island Saver

Virgin Island Saver

Go Island Hopping!

Just by listening to most Jimmy Buffett songs, you’re automatically transported to a life of easy living, sipping frozen rum drinks on a white sand beach overlooking the dazzling turquoise Caribbean waters. Aside from the rum and hammocks, his life and songs conjure up images of those tiny airplanes that hop from island to island, flown by crusty old pilots.

Imagine having breakfast on one island then hopping on a puddle jumper to the next island for shopping or lounging on a secluded picturesque beach. The fact is, each Caribbean island is unique and has its own special character and beauty.

Why spend all of your time on one rock? Why not visit a few islands while you’re here?

St. Thomas is arguably the single best location from which to launch your island hopping adventure – and the quickest and coolest way to hop over to some other incredible islands is to take a Jimmy Buffett-style plane ride!

Fly to St. Croix on Sea Flight

Sea Flight
Sea Flight to St. Croix

There are a variety planes that can take you from St. Thomas to any number of islands. Sea Flight Airlines is a seaplane that offers almost hourly flights to St. Croix at a cost of about $160 round trip (click here for a half-priced ticket!).

Explore the Caribbean on Air Sunshine

If you really want to expand your island adventure, try Air Sunshine. Air Sunshine offers daily and less frequent trips to both destinations near and far.

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Air Sunshine flies from St. Thomas to the following destinations (fares change frequently; keep an eye out for specials!):

  • Tortola
  • San Juan
  • Vieques
Island Hopping with Air Sunshine
Explore the Caribbean on Air Sunshine

Nevis St. Kitts Virgin Gorda

St. Thomas to Tortola (Regular Daily Flights)

Grab your passport and hop over to the British Virgin Islands for an afternoon or an overnight stay. Whether you want to swim with the dolphins, go surfing, spend a day scuba diving or see some of the world’s most incredible beaches, Tortola has a totally unique island calmness that you won’t find anywhere else.

St. Thomas to San Juan (Regular Daily Flights)

No passport needed to spend a day soaking up the history and liveliness of Old San Juan. Old San Juan is filled with open air cafes, plazas, colonial buildings, museums, shops and old historic churches. If a day is not enough, there are plenty of inexpensive hotels available for a stay over. The grand old city really lights up at night.

St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda (Regular Daily Flights)

The Baths at Virgin Gorda are a must see in the British Virgin Islands – caves, boulders and shimmering pools abound. While there are plenty of charter boats and ferries that travel to the Baths from St. Thomas, an aerial tour and the flexibility of taking a plane over are by far the best way to go. The ferry ride can be a bit long and tiring, as well as being a little bumpy, resulting in an unsettled stomach. Passport required.

Air Sunshine provides breathtaking views and is quicker than a ferry. This means more time at the Baths and time to explore what else Virgin Gorda has to offer.

St. Thomas to Vieques (On Demand)

No passport is required for U.S. travelers to travel to this sleepy and unspoiled island. Along with its “old world” charm, Vieques is full of pristine and deserted beaches. But the real attraction of Vieques is its bioluminescent bays which truly defy description and must be experienced to be believed.

St. Thomas to Nevis (Weekly Flights)

Bring a passport to experience the birth place of Alexander Hamilton. Nevis is full of history and beauty. In addition to its historical architecture, Nevis Peak offers a myriad of trails for a hiker’s paradise. And St. Kitts, another island paradise, is a quick ferry ride away.

St. Thomas to Dominica (Weekly Flights)

Dominica is an incomparable tropical paradise. Perhaps nowhere in the Caribbean is as wild and beautiful as this island. Forests, trails, waterfalls and mountains make Dominica a great companion trip to your St. Thomas or St. John vacation.

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So hop over to a few different islands and find your own Margaritaville…